Having a rich, meaningful, fulfilling, and healthy life means making a match between the outside world and your most genuine core self. All of us share certain fundamental needs, strengths, and vulnerabilities but, since we’re all unique, the details of that kind of life are different for different people.

Likewise, there are myriad factors and situations that can arise and hold you back from achieving your fullest potential, and some tools are better suited for certain jobs than others. That’s why I offer two types of services to individuals: psychotherapy and Right LifeTM Coaching.


Generally speaking, psychotherapy can help people resolve problems that have caused them difficulty in their lives. Often, therapy involves helping a client to regain a former level of healthy functioning. Just as often, it entails helping clients to achieve that level for the first time by, for instance, overcoming longstanding ways of thinking, acting, and relating with others that haven’t worked well.

You could think of therapy as a process of working toward a baseline of healthy functioning in which your relationships with yourself and others, along with your capacity to cope with inevitable difficulties, are well suited to your environment, so that you are free to grow and pursue self-actualization.

Right Life Coaching helps the process of growth and self-actualization along. Coaching clients may function adequately in their day-to-day lives but long for more meaning, fulfillment, and happiness. They may feel especially frustrated by their lack of those things despite having achieved the traditional markers of success. They may benefit from resolving problems in their relationships with others or finding solutions to known roadblocks. Sometimes, they just feel like something needs to change, but they have no idea what.

Please note that just as people’s problems rarely fall squarely into neat categories, the issues dealt with in psychotherapy and personal coaching aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, as my coaching client, it may be germane to explore how issues from your past are affecting your ability to set or achieve your goals. Likewise, psychotherapy can involve working toward the highest levels of self-actualization.

In any case, this isn’t a question you need to answer right now, and certainly not by yourself. That’s what I’m here for. When you contact me for a free 15-minute consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns, goals, and which framework of services would be best suited to help you with them. Long story short, your needs will inform our approach, and our approach won’t limit the benefits you can enjoy.  



Right LifeTM Coaching



I am available for speaking engagements and instruction for groups, businesses, and other organizations including healthcare, mental healthcare, and educational institutions. Topics include the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation and its application to the workplace and other settings, and a variety of issues regarding the cultivation of wellbeing across multiple dimensions of life. My presentations combine insights from the latest scientific research, practical guidance for implementing change, and the inspiration to get started. I encourage you to visit the Right Life Project® website for a sampling of subject matter, and then to contact me to discuss how I can help.

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