About Jim

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At some point you've probably experienced feeling burned out, unfulfilled, or stuck in a life that doesn't feel right for you. Perhaps you've reached a point of major change in your life, or stagnation, and aren't sure what to do. Or you've been coping with a difficult relationship or a destructive (or self-destructive) behavior pattern.

To everyone else, you may very well look like you are, or should be, happy. 

I've been there, and then some.

As a child I faced homelessness and mental health problems in my family, and later, my own substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and a suicide attempt . . . all before I even left for college. 

But I'm a survivor. I managed to achieve mental health and go on to build a highly successful career in private equity, against all odds, for a guy who'd never taken a business course. By the end of it, I enjoyed VIP travel and a swanky office. It was a real Hollywood-style turnaround; a success story. Or was it? 

The thing is, I was unhappy in that life. Even with the trappings of success that it ultimately brought, I'd always felt like I was living a gray life, not a full-color one. My romantic relationships were tumultuous. I had little of substance in common with my "friends." My work didn't stir me in a meaningful way.

Turns out, there's a difference between surviving as an animal, and thriving as a human.

So, not long after I'd managed to survive, and started beating the odds in business, I began another, equally unlikely journey of research, study, trial and error, and hard choices—to figure out how to thrive. I built a career by day and began piecing together a whole, integrated, meaningful, deeply satisfying life by evening and weekend . . . which ultimately led me to a whole new career.

I read everything I could get my hands on in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, sociology, and other life and social sciences—and still do. I'm a mindfulness meditation teacher, certified through the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. I spent years in graduate school and post-graduate training to become a licensed psychotherapist with a few specialties. And all of my efforts paid off. 

My unique background gives me a specialized perspective and skill set unmatched by most coaches, and I’ve enjoyed some recognition of that. I’ve been published in a textbook, quoted in high-profile publications, and have appeared on numerous morning talk shows. But those things aren’t what does it for me.


As a personal development coach, I have a front-row seat to the greatest show on Earth: people transforming into their best possible versions. But even that isn't the only thing that does it for me.

I'm truly successful now, for reasons that go beyond my career. I have fulfilling personal and professional relationships with thoughtful, grounded people who share a craving for a rich, purposeful life, not just full pockets. I extract meaning from all the setbacks I've faced, and continue to face, and use that to enrich me and propel me forward on my personal and professional mission.  

Enough about me . . .

If you've read this far, it tells me a few things. One, that there is part of you that wants more out of your own life, and is willing to do something about it.

In fact, you've probably already tried lots of things, but you've had your fill of the the short-sighted, feel-good platitudes and metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that's everywhere these days, courtesy of the self-help gurus out there.

It also tells me that you're probably my kind of person: smart, savvy, and looking for the real deal. That's what I provide. I pore over the latest scientific research, and then I guide you in the art of putting it to use in your life.

My goal is to spare you as much of the time and difficulty on your journey as I can, so that you can tap into your innate energy, resilience, ease, and happiness and get on with enjoying it. 

Why not grab my free, 28-page guide? It will get you oriented and moving forward on your unique path to the rewarding life you're after, starting right now. Or, if you've read enough and want to hop on the express train to your personal development goals, then you should check out my coaching for individuals (or, if you're a leader in business, my coaching for organizations). 

The best time to get started was yesterday. The second best time is today.