People suffer when there's friction between the status quo and what’s true on the inside.
It’s science.

Whether you’re an individual or an organization,
let’s eliminate the signal loss between your potential and its expression.

Transformational Executive and Personal Coaching


For Individuals

Want to say goodbye to worry and stagnation, and move forward confidently into a naturally energetic, productive, and deeply happy life? It took me 15 years and going to graduate school to figure it out. I'll spare you the trouble. 


For Organizations

For your engine to be firing on all cylinders, each cylinder needs to be firing. Separately or comprehensively, my workshops, consultation, individual coaching, and speaking will empower your organization and its people to thrive together.


What People are Saying

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"I'm happier, less stressed, and more satisfied."

Michael Fiorentino, Dir. of Operations
Beverly Hills, CA

I no longer have to feel paralyzed emotionally. Instead I feel fully at peace with, and in control of, my life. Working with Jim was the best decision I’ve ever made.
— M., Television Writer-Producer
Los Angeles, CA
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"I experienced a major transformation in six sessions."

Rachel Cooke, Psychotherapist
London, UK

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"A top-shelf personal development coach."

David Worley, Vice President
Denver, CO

About Jim Hjort

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Jim is an executive coach, personal development trainer, and mindfulness meditation teacher, as well as a licensed psychotherapist. He's also a former executive in real estate finance. (It's kind of a long story.)

His approach to personal development is rational, and grounded in the latest developments in psychology, neurobiology, sociology, and other life and social sciences. He does away with blind faith and metaphysical fluff and puts the power to unlock your innate potential in your hands, where it belongs.

In his speaking engagements, workshops, writing, and coaching with individuals and organizations, he helps you understand what works and why, and helps you try it. Then he immensely enjoys seeing you reap the rewards.


Get Started Right Now


Procrastinating? Burned out? Stuck? Sometimes feel like you landed in the wrong life for you? Even people who look like they have everything they need to be happy—career success, friends and family, material comforts—can feel like something's missing. Perhaps those people especially.

There are perfectly rational reasons for, and solutions to, this predicament. Grab my free, 28-page guide and learn all about it, so you can start relighting your fires today, in all areas of life.

Discover the the art and science of getting unstuck and feeling energized, empowered, and fulfilled. (Hint: there's more to it than work-life balance.)

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