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How to Get Unstuck, Empowered, and Happy

We're bombarded with messages in society about how to be happy. But there's a lot more to thriving than "work-life balance." And there's a whole lot more to it than what Madison Avenue tells you. 

In this collection, we'll take a closer look at what we really need in order to achieve the highest levels of human well-being, and the steps you can take to do just that. 



How Mindfulness Can Help You Feel Fully Alive . . . Right This Moment

Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are about having closer contact with your present-moment experience. Coming back to life. 

Here, I'll clear up popular misconceptions about mindfulness and give you its fundamentals. I'll cover ways you can cultivate mindfulness in your life, and what it has to do with your health, relationships, decision-making . . . every aspect of your mission to thrive. 



How to Achieve Your Goals the Healthy Way

Even if putting your head down and grinding away toward your goals works, it's often a joyless journey. And, all too often, when people get what they think they're after, they quickly become dissatisfied again.

In this collection, I'll show you how you can pursue what really matters to you, achieve your goals efficiently, and enjoy yourself while you're doing it. Plus, remain content in the long run. 



How to Have Healthy Relationships

As a social being, other people are your lifeblood, as you are to them. It's connection that we're after, and when we have it, we unlock much of our human potential.

In this collection, I cover everything from the importance of connection in our childhood to practical tips for cultivating it in your life right now. 



How to Keep Fear From Holding You Back

Fear is an important emotion, because it helps to keep you safe. But being afraid can keep you stuck in situations you don't like, and unable to move toward the future you want.

Fortunately, it's a workable problem. You don't need to be imprisoned by fear, and you can even use it to help set yourself free. In this collection, I'll show you how.



How to Use Setbacks to Your Advantage

Things will go awry at some point—you can count on it. But the same downfall that threatens you can also be the source of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

In this collection, I'll show you how people most past even the greatest blows and emerge stronger than ever on the other side . . . and how you can, too.