Podcast 002: Coming Back to Life With Mindfulness

Show Notes

In today's show, I covered the basics about what mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are, and why your mind doesn't tend to default to a mindful state. At the root of our mindlessness is a very powerful and ancient drive to cling to pleasant experiences and push unpleasant ones away. It's a losing battle, and one that sets us up to suffer.

Clicking here will take you to a list of mindfulness-related RLP articles, where you can read about different facets of this struggle and the benefits of cultivating mindfulness.

This article might be particularly germane for people contemplating change in their lives, who are also interested in mindfulness. That's because it tackles a question that confuses a lot of people: if mindfulness means accepting things as they are, then how can it be conducive to change?

It's an excellent question, which I do my best to answer in that article.

If you'd like to try more guided meditation, you're just one click away from my Meditate page, where I have a few options for you.

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